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Topical articles, cutting-edge research and brand new case studies will deepen your students' subject knowledge and help them develop independent learning skills, while revision support and expert exam advice will make sure they know how to perform when it really matters.
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The quickest way to get your students set up on Dynamic Learning with access to their eMagazines is to send them a link so they can self-register.

Students who already have a login to Dynamic Learning will be able to view the eMagazines when they log in.  Students who do not have a login will be invited to register as a new user and will be able to access the eMagazines once they have completed registration. 

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Magazine Extras
Explore our magazine extras offering you free resources to extend learning and revision with worksheets, presentations, between-issue updates and more.
Browse through additional articles, research, weblinks and sources for further reading, including between-issue email updates.

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