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December 2017
Big changes in the pub industry: Jon Guest considers recent developments in the business relationship between pub companies and their tenants
October 2017
Price controls in the energy industry: Jon Guest asks whether they’re tough enough
March 2017
Google's Power Market: Jon Guest investigates whether a firm that has a monopoly in one market can use this power to its advantage in another market
December 2016
The secondary ticketing market: What is wrong with the way the online market for tickets operates in the UK? Jon Guest investigates
October 2016
The battle over broadband: Jon Guest considers the debate over the provision of broadband in the UK
March 2016
Market power and price discrimination: Jon Guest looks at some recent real-world examples of discriminatory pricing strategies
December 2015
The rise of ‘Megabrew’: Jon Guest considers the merger of two of the world’s largest brewers
October 2015
The Payday loan market: Jon Guest investigates a real-world example of the policy of maximum prices