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What is LEAD?
Lead is our new online coaching programme designed to challenge leaders and teachers to become the best they can be.
During LEAD, Gwenno Williams, our specialist coach, will challenge coachees to venture out of their comfort zone and expand professional opportunities, allowing them to make a positive impact on their life and the students and colleagues they interact with.

This unique and transformative programme will take place online and consists of 6 one-to-one sessions to be organised at a time and date that suits you. You can either:
  • Have the 6 sessions focused on one individual – yourself, your Head of Department, an NQT etc.
  • Split the 6 sessions out between 2 – 6 members of staff so they still can benefit from one-to-one coaching
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Who is Gwenno Williams?
Gwenno has developed a method of public speaking coaching by Skype and has several international clients, including in Los Angeles ‚Äč
Gwenno.pngExperienced and trusted expert, Gwenno Williams M.Sc.Econ has an impressive portfolio having worked with numerous heads and senior business leaders to improve their management and delivery skills.

Gwenno is a published author, an Associate ILM Coach at the University of South Wales in Pontypridd and presents courses on confidence, public speaking and networking for companies and educational establishments throughout the UK.  
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Want to find out how LEAD can help?
  1. You can contact us at any time by using one of the following methods:
    1. Email us at
    2. Request a call back on 01295 222777
  2. After making contact with us, we will send you the starting points questionnaire and send you any further information about LEAD you require.
  3. We will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the programme.
  4. Once agreed, we will agree the dates and Gwenno will begin the preparation for your modules. 
What will you get out of LEAD?

Delivered in English and Welsh.

  • 360 minutes of one-to-one training (and additional follow-ups, as and when required) with your own dedicated development coach who will provide tailor-made, intersession tasks that are fully supported with fact-sheets and downloadable material and need to be completed by the coachee.
  • 3 best-selling Management titles sent to you to maximise your learning
  • 1 Hodder Education Certifi ed LEADer certifi cate provided at the end of your coaching to you and your school.
  • No time, money or energy wasted; as it all takes place online, there are no travel or cover costs involved!
  • Reduce the number of teaching hours lost; LEAD is a great tool to take advantage of for staff development plans and can cover pressing concerns that may causes teachers to take stress-related absences.
Feedback from recent coaching:
From two Headteachers

“The training I received has been life-changing! It definitely helped me become more confident and I now have a much better work/life balance; Gwenno was extremely motivating and quickly helped improve my presentation skills, plus small things like posture and non-verbal communication. I received plenty of positive and constructive feedback from Gwenno, and the sessions were planned for evenings to fit in with my workload.” 

“The year before my coaching, I had applied for a headteacher role at a large school, closer to home - saving me 10 hours a week traveling - and in a better pay bracket, but wasn’t offered the job. A year later, I applied for the same role and entered the interview stage with more confidence and assurance and, thanks to my coaching with Gwenno, was offered the job.” 

Possible areas of support that Gwenno can cover:
No two people are the same
  • Maximising confidence and assertiveness
  • How to stand up to workplace bullies and having challenging conversations
  • Becoming a passionate and inspirational speaker
  • Identifying, protecting and developing those vulnerable teachers to their full potential
  • Tackling absences due to low morale
  • Help with understanding complex equality and diversity issues
  • Ensuring that teachers and schools do not unwittingly discriminate