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Motivate your Cambridge IGCSETM and Edexcel International GCSE Languages students with a new digital tool: Languagenut

We’ve partnered with Languagenut to deliver an exciting new range of easy-to-use digital resources accompanying our Cambridge IGCSE and Edexcel International GCSE languages textbooks.
Edexcel International Covers

Perfectly aligned with the target language and learning content in the textbooks, Languagenut offers a range of interactive games and activities to engage, challenge and motivate your students.

Develop writing, reading, listening and speaking skills with a comprehensive range of activities that cover 2,000 vocabulary items from each book. The speaking activites are powered by voice recognition software and make it very easy to measure speaking attainment.

Get assessment ready with 8,000 exam-style questions covering all four key skills and a vocab bank of 4,500 words/phrases in French, German and Spanish across a range of tenses. Automatically-marked reading and listening activities give immediate feedback to students.  

Perfect sentence structure with two exciting games that provide over 200 sentences that are aligned with our textbooks.

Inject fun into verb conjugation with interactive games that reward students’ hard work with points, helping to keep them engaged.

Save time with an administration system that allows you to set and monitor work and evidence student progress with printable reports.
UK Pricing
1 Year School Subscription: £595/Book (per Year)
3 Year School Subscription: £505.75/Book (per Year) SAVE 15%


Global Pricing
1 Year School Subscription: $995/Book (per Year)
3 Year School Subscription: $845.75/Book (per Year) SAVE 15%


Languagenut resources have not been through the Cambridge Assessment International Education or Edexcel endorsement process.