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International Curricula

Cambridge Assessment International Education
Celebrating 25 years of working together
We have been working with Cambridge Assessment International Education (formerly Cambridge International Examinations) for 25 years. Our bestselling support ranges from Primary through to International AS & A Level.

The International Baccalaureate
The most pioneering range of support for the IB
We publish innovative books, digital and magazine across the continuum, including the only resources for MYP years 4 &5 developed with the IB.

Edexcel International IGCSE
Dedicated publishing to support teaching and learning
Endorsed by Edexcel, our resources cover a range of subjects in language and Science, and a new edition for Mathematics.

Your Local Agent
We have a network of agents that operate all over the world
Last year we reached over 140 countries worldwide via our network of knowledgable agents, stockists and representatives. If you have any questions about Hodder Education product, they are happy to help.

International Computing for Lower Secondary
Deliver an exciting computing course for ages 11-14
The course covers the requirements of the national curriculum for England and is mapped to the Level 2 CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and the Cambridge Assessment International Education Digital Literacy Framework for Stages 7-9.

RS Assessment From Hodder Education
Looking for Assessment Resources for your school? 
RS Assessment from Hodder Education has over 40 years experience in providing assessment resources for children aged 4-16 in schools in the UK and across the world.

Find out more at our dedicated International Assessment homepage.

Hodder Education Group
Hodder Education, Rising Stars and Galore Park
Hodder Education Group is comprised of Hodder Education, Rising Stars and Galore Park, specialising in high quality, market-focussed innovative print resources and digital services for education, designed for key international and core UK markets.  Internationally, we have been working with Cambridge Assessment International Education for over 25 years and publish the only series developed with the IB for MYP 4 and 5.
We are now distributed by Ingram in the US
Find US ordering quicker and easier with Ingram
From June 2017 Hodder Education titles will be distributed by Ingram in the US, offering you a quicker and easier experience. For more information contact
Looking for an up-to-date Primary Reading Scheme?
Reading Planet is a range of 204 reading books for individual or guided reading 
  • Help children develop essential pre reading skills
  • Embed phonics and deepen comprehension
  • Support  parents with material to help build effective home/school links
  • Movtivate children with quizzes and rewards with the Reading Planet Online Library 

Looking for our Caribbean specific publishing?
In 2015 we acquired selected titles for the Caribbean from Pearson Education. You can find out more about these and other titles for the Caribbean on our dedicated curriculum page.

Looking for our resources to support the Singapore Curriculum?
In January 2016 we acquired select textbooks and supplementary resources from Pearson Education. To view our range of titles across Primary and Secondary, visit our new Singapore website.

Hodder Education and City & Guilds: partners in vocational education
Hodder Education and City & Guilds are delighted to announce their new publishing partnership.

Find out more about what's available for City & Guilds, with subjects including Hairdressing, Plumbing and Beuty Therapy

You can also view our FE publishing by subject: 

Construction & Building Services
Hair and Beauty
Health & Social Care
Hospitality & Catering
Dynamic Learning
A complete digital solution
An innovative online subscription service with interactive resources, lesson planning tools, self-marking tests, a variety of assessment options and eTextbook elements that all work together to create the ultimate classroom and homework resource.

eInspection Copies
Evaluate free for 30 days
eInspection Copies offer online access to the whole book for 30 days, completely free of charge. You can even forward it onto your colleagues so they can view it too during this time.

Please note they are only available to cutsomers registered at an educational institution.
International Science
Sciences for all ages
You can view a complete list of our Science resources for all ages, for Cambridge International Examinations and International Baccalaureate here.
International Lower Secondary
Advance subject content knowledge while improving English Language skills
Support English language skills while improving subject content knowledge with a comprehensive three-level lower secondary programme specifically designed for non-native English speaking students studying the subject through the medium of English.
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Free Workshops
Teacher Training for a range of International Curricula
Delivered by an experienced teacher and publisher of International materials, our Workshops have provided invaluable support to over 2000 teachers across 5 continents since 2011.

Upcoming webinars
Upcoming webinar: IB DP Theory Of Knowledge

18th June 2020 | 15.30 (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar) 16.30 (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines) | 60mins

Why attend?
Teachers will gain a deeper understanding of the main structuring element of the new course, the Knowledge Framework. In addition we will explore an important, but under utilized concept in the subject guide, “Communities of Knowers”, showing how this idea can unlock the Core Theme of
the course: Knowledge and the Knower.

Training outline:
 What each element of the Knowledge Framework is and how it can be used to unpack the AOKs.
 What a Community of Knowers might be and how this can be used to focus discussions in the Core Theme: Knowledge and the Knower.

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Supporting resources

Upcoming webinar: IB DP Economics

June 26th 2020 |  15.30 (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar)
16.30 (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines)
17.30 (Korea, Japan) | 60 mins

Why attend:

Teachers will gain a deeper understanding of:

1. The main changes to the Economics syllabus and rationale for changes / updates to the syllabus. 

2. Concept based learning in Economics (the WISE ChoICES concepts)

3. The new assessment models (Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 and the Internal Assessment)

4. Planning and resourcing for the new Economics 2020 course .

5. Opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with teachers from across the globe.

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Supporting resources


Previous Webinars
Previous webinar: IB Agency

Webinar Outline: 
This session will help teachers understand the different aspects of Agency for a PYP classroom, to support them with critical aspect of the enhanced PYP.

What we covered:

  • What agency is and why it is important to both students and to society. 
  • What choice, voice and ownership look like in a PYP classroom.

It will also provide some practical steps for teachers to help build communities of inquiry that embody these qualities. 

Supporting resources

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Previous webinar: Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English

Webinar outline:
Getting to grips with the new 0500 assessment (with focus on Paper 1 Reading Passages)

  • Receive expert advice on how to approach the new untiered reading paper
  • Develop techniques to help students succeed
  • Explore how to develop resources using existing past paper-materials 

Supporting resources

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Previous webinar: Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language (0510/0511)

What we covered:

 Receive expert advice on teaching techniques

 Explore and review techniques to help students excel

 Come away with ideas on how to engage and motivate students

Contact your local agent to request this recording.

Supporting resources



Previous webinar: Cambridge IGCSE™ Mathematics Core and Extended (0580)

Webinar outline:

Explore approaches to engage learners in distance learning via online platforms. Support teachers in monitoring and assessing learner progress when teaching online

Supporting resources

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About our webinar hosts
IB DP Economics webinar host: Paul Hoang

Paul Hoang has taught IGCSE Economics and Business for over 25 years. He has held the positions of Vice Principal and IGCSE Programme Coordinator at an internationally renowned School in Hong Kong and was previously Head of Department at two high-achieving schools in London. He is also a Pamoja Educator for IGCSE Economics.
Paul is the author of several best-selling publications including Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics (Hodder Education). Paul is a consulting partner with tutor2u in the UK and as an educational consultant, his work involves content development, examination advice and coaching of school leaders with specific focus on using assessment data to improve teaching and learning.

Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English Webinar Host:

Helen Rees-Bidder taught English for 27 years in the UK, teaching IGCSEs in First Language English and A Level English Literature, as well as Drama and Theatre Studies. She is the Principal Moderator for the spoken language component of GCSE English Language in the UK as well as other international renowned examination board and is passionate about developing oracy skills across the curriculum. Helen has delivered face-to-face training courses and enrichment workshops in a number of countries, most recently in Argentina, China, Kenya, The Gambia, Mongolia and Pakistan. She also runs online training for Cambridge Lower Secondary English. Helen also writes materials for teachers, and articles for online magazines. 

IB Agency webinar host: Simon Davidson

Simon is as an educational consultant and writer. He has over twenty years’ experience with the PYP, as a teacher, school leader and consultant. Simon wrote Taking the PYP Forward in 2009 and has worked with PYP, MYP and IB school throughout the world. He supports schools with self-evaluation and improvement planning, and with improving classroom practice. He has a particular interest in student and teacher agency, and has recently published Agency for the IB Programmes.

Simon Davidson

IB TOK webinar host: John Sprague

John Sprague has been teaching Theory of Knowledge for 20 years, extending now across three different iterations of the course. As a face to face and online workshop leader he has been involved in training new generations of TOK Teachers all across the world. He has been examining since 2004, and has been part of the most recent curriculum review. He has written Theory of Knowledge Skills for Success (now in its second edition) and has co-written both Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma (4th ed.) and Theory of Knowledge: Teaching for Success.

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language webinar host: Nicola Rose

Nicola Rose
Nicola taught ESOL and EFL for several years in further education and adult education and, while she was doing this, moved into also working for Awarding Organisations. She now works for a several International Awarding Organisations undertaking a range of roles including writing, examining, moderating, quality assurance and training.

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