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IB Diploma Language B: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin

IB Diploma Language B: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin

Equip your IB Diploma Language Acquisition students to achieve their best in the updated IB Diploma Language B Guides for 2018 (Group 2)

Develop competent communicators with a sound conceptual understanding using a flexible range of Student’s Books, Grammar and Skills Workbooks and Teaching & Learning Resources, all designed to meet the needs of students at Standard and Higher Level.
Find out from our Senior Publisher, who shows how our new publishing will help you teach the new course.
Rely on a flexible course that ensures thorough coverage of the updated Language B Guides…
designed to meet the needs of all IB students at Standard and Higher Level.

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Starter Pack
Get started teaching with our free sample pack of resources taken from the Student Books, Workbooks and Teaching & Learning resources.
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Interactive, engaging and completely flexible.


Boost eBooks use the latest research and technologies to provide the very best learning experience for students. They can be downloaded on to any device and used in the classroom, at home or on the move.    ​

Boost Subscriptions
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Boost is the next generation in digital learning, bringing quality content and new technology together in one interactive online learning platform.

Each of our IB DP Language B print Student Books is enhanced by a flexible Boost eBook and a digital Boost Subscription package, filled with a variety of useful teaching and learning resources.

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Build confidence for the written and oral assessments…
with hours of essential grammar practice activities and opportunities to develop writing skills.

Don’t just take our word for it, read what teachers say about the current edition!
“Super useful for any IB Spanish student. The activities mirror the IB exam and it is a great resource for anyone prepping for the exam. As a teacher I would suggest it as a text for your classroom.”
5-star review on amazon.com  
Integrate the five prescribed themes from the 2018 Language B Guide throughout your course…
… by exploring them through authentic texts and skills practice at the right level.
Develop a sound conceptual understanding of the language…
… with the five key concepts from the 2018 Language Acquisition Guide integrated throughout, and help your students to actively use them.
Ensure your students are ready for the new listening comprehension assessment component…
… with authentic recordings spoken at a natural pace and carefully crafted listening tasks.
Establish meaningful links to TOK and CAS, promote international-mindedness and identify learner profile attributes in action…
… with a course that’s been written by experienced IB Diploma Language Acquisition practitioners.