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Primary Years Programme

Primary Years Programme

Primary Years Programme

Implement the PYP with flexible inquiry-based resources developed to support a collaborative learning environment, giving students ownership of their learning. Encourage curiosity, creativity and critical

PYP Reading Planet Online Library
Over 400 guiding reading books mapped to the IB PYP transdisciplinary themes and units of inquiry.

Develop essential reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills with stories featuring characters and themes that truly reflect our world.

  • Access the Library anywhere, on any device at school or at home; ideal for guided reading work, one-to-one reading at home or front-of-class whiteboard teaching.

  • Support ESL or struggling readers using the fun audio synchronisation.

  • Regularly check understanding with self-marking quizzes and built-in reporting tool.

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Teaching for Success
Three titles providing high-quality continuing professional development opportunities for teachers on agency, leadership skills and creating the right environment for learning spaces.

Agency for the IB Programmes – Learners in charge

growth mindset
Growth Mindset for the IB PYP
– Every child a learner

Wellbeing for the IB PYP

PYP Friends Storybook Series
Child psychologist, Dr Kimberley O’Brien teams up with talented illustrator Connah Brecon to create this inspiring childhood adventure and social skills program. 

Inspired by the stories of young clients at the Quirky Kid Clinic in Australia, the PYP Friends storybooks help you deliver the PYP and create inviting and intentional learning spaces which support physical and emotional well-being.

A new friend 
A new friend eTextbook

ups and downs
Ups and downs
Up and Downs eTextbook
fair play
Fair play 
Fair play etextbook

Lochie’s little lie 
Lochie's little lie eTextbook

The sleepover
The sleepover 
The sleepover eTextbook

PYP ATL Workbooks
Approaches to Learning
Consolidate learning, deepen understanding and develop ATL skills through a range of engaging activities ideal for independent learning and homework.

Social and emotional intelligence
Social and emotional intelligence and Emotional management: PYP ATL Skills Workbook


Interpersonal relationships
Interpersonal relationships

Growth mindset
Growth Mindset - Self-motivation, Perseverance and Resilience

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PYP Samples
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Meet the author
Dr Kimberley O’Brien
Dr Kimberley O’Brien
Dr Kimberley O’Brien is an International Student Wellbeing Consultant and Principal Child Psychologist at Quirky Kid, one of Australia’s leading child psychology clinics and educational publishers in the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) space. She is an author, speaker and lover of family time, based in Sydney, Australia.

Meet the author
Simon Davidson

Simon Davidson has worked in IB schools since 1998, teacher from PYP to diploma. He had a wide variety of leadership roles focusing on developing the quality of learning, before working as an educational consultant. He now focuses on supporting schools with developing their programmes, as well as reviewing the impact of teaching on students. He has particular interests in agency, creativity and innovation. He is the author of Agency for the IB Programmes – Learners in charge & series editor of our forthcoming PYP Springboard Teacher's Guides.
Still to come...
PYP Springboard Teacher’s Guides
Solar System
18 PYP Springboard Teacher’s guides that cover each transdisciplinary theme and provide guidance and practical suggestions on how to deliver units of inquiries. 

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