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How to Pass National 5 Second Editions – Parent Vouchers

About How to Pass National 5 Second Editions

Help your teenager get their best grade with complete course notes and advice from Scotland’s top experts.

Fully updated to account for the removal of Unit Assessments and the changes to the National 5 exam, our brand new How to Pass revision guides contain all the advice and support you need to revise successfully. 

How to Pass guides combine an overview of the course syllabus with advice from top experts on how to improve exam performance, so your young people have the best chance of success.

Help your teens:

  • Refresh their knowledge with complete course notes
  • Improve their performance and avoid unnecessary mistakes with top tips and hints
  • Find out what exam markers are looking for to gain vital extra marks

New editions available across 15 subjects. Click on any title below to add to your basket and use your voucher code at the checkout to redeem your discount. Remember to check that your code applied to your selection.

Subject ISBN Price Publication Date
English 9781510420892 £11.99 Feb 2018
Maths 9781510420991 £11.99 Feb 2018
Applications of Mathematics 9781510420984 £11.99 Feb 2018
Chemistry 9781510420861 £11.99 Feb 2018
Biology 9781510420830 £11.99 Feb 2018
Physics 9781510421059 £11.99 March 2018
History 9781510420960 £11.99 March 2018
Geography 9781510420915 £11.99 March 2018
Mordern Studies 9781510421028 £11.99 March 2018
French 9781510420908 £11.99 Feb 2018
German 9781510420939 £11.99 Feb 2018
Business Management 9781510420847 £11.99 March 2018
Computing Science 9781510420885 £11.99 March 2018
Music 9781510421042 £11.99 Feb 2018
Art & Design 9781510420823 £11.99 March 2018

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