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Hodder Oral Reading Tests

Hodder Oral Reading Tests

Authors: Denis Vincent and Mary Crumpler

Complementary tests of single-word reading, sentence reading and reading speed give a useful profile and overview of pupils’ mechanical reading skills.


Up-to-date national norms – given as standardised scores, percentiles and reading ages – extend from 5 years to 16+. The three tests can be used individually or in combination.
  • Quick and easy to use – the pupils read the test from a laminated test card
  • The word and sentence-level format complements the widely used Diagnostic Reading Analysis, which assesses oral reading at continuous text level
  • Reading Speed test assesses the number of phonically regular three and four-letter words read in 60 seconds, making it both quick and easily manageable
  • Manual is both concise and accessible, allowing testing to be carried out confidently and reliably
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Hodder Oral Reading Tests
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