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How do I upload my own resources?

It’s very simple to integrate your existing resources with Dynamic Learning. 
You can upload any resource by using the Lesson Builder - click the ‘Upload resource’ button, browse your computer and select your resource.

Watch 'How to: Edit Lessons' video for more information.

How do I use the lesson builder to plan lessons?

The lesson builder is a great way to group together a number of different types of resources which you can access from a single browser window.

You can either create a lesson using the top navigation, or from within your title.
  1. Click ‘Create new lesson’
  2. Give your lesson a name and assign it to a folder
  3. Use the cog to add resources to your lesson
  4. Your lessons can easily be shared with colleagues and students.
Watch 'How to: Create a Lesson' for more information.  

How do I edit a lesson?

You can drag and drop resources to change the order of resources within your Lesson, and use the cog to rename resources or delete.

How do I export resources and lessons to my VLE?

You are able to export lessons, Teaching and Learning Resources and double page spreads from Whiteboard eTextbooks. 

Click on the dropdown by your name/teacher icon, and you will see an option for VLE packs:

Exporting Resources
Click on ‘Create a resources content pack’
Select the title and section
Select types of resources
Student resources only
Student and teacher resources
Teacher resources only
And click Export resources pack
Exporting Lessons
Click on drop down menu to select Lesson folder and name
Click export lesson pack
Exporting double page spreads from Whiteboard eTextbooks
Click on pages content pack
Select title 
Select types of resources 
Pages only
Pages with student resources
Pages with all resources
Click Export pages pack
A zip folder will be downloaded to your desktop, which you can upload to your LE. 
Please note: If you unzip the folder before you upload, it will not upload correctly. 
PLEASE NOTE: if your subscription to Dynamic Learning has expired, you will no longer be able to access our resources.
Exporting lessons directly from the Lesson Builder
Open a lesson 
Click the VLE pack button at the top of the pane
Select your VLE
A zipped resources folder will be downloaded to your desktop. You can upload it straight to your VLE.

Watch 'How to: Share Lessons' video for more information.

How do I create student accounts?

Take a look at step 2 of our "Getting Started" guide.

How do I share a title with my students?

Take a look at step 3 of our "Getting Started" guide, or you can watch our How to: Share Resources with Students video.

How do I assign tests for students?

You can either assign Tests from the package landing page or from the title landing page. Watch 'How to: Assign Tests' video for more information.
From the title homepage, open your title:
Select Tests from the top navigation
Select ‘Assign this Test’ 
Select the Group 
Use the calendar to give your students a timeframe to complete the test
Click ‘Assign Test’
From the package landing page
Click ‘Assign Tests’ in the Tests and Assessments Panel
From there, select the test you wish to assign, the group and the dates 
You can assign Tasks in the same way.
Please note: Tasks, unlike tests, are completed on paper so these must be printed out.

How do I track my students' progress?

Click ‘Marksheets and Reports’ from either your package landing page or within your title.
You will be able to see Group Results, Average Score and drill down into more detail on individual students.

All our reports are exportable into Word or Excel.