What is Go Plus?

Want every lesson delivered at an Outstanding level or beyond? Enquire today about Go Plus.

Every leader and teacher should be continually asking themselves the question: “Is the current practice in my school ensuring that the quality of learning for all students is the best that it can possibly be?” If the answer is ‘no’ – then stop doing what you are doing, and start enquiring about Go Plus.

Available from EYFS through to Sixth Form, at departmental and whole-school level, Go Plus is a direct route to identify areas for improvement, evaluate current practice and develop strategies to make outstanding progress.
Who is Dr. Mike?
Dr. O’Neill is a highly experienced educational consultant, teacher and author.
He specialises in developing teachers to become outstanding practitioners through the use of engaging and interactive strategies in the classroom. He has a BSc (Hons) from the University of Leicester and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Contact us
Want to find out how Go Plus can help your school?
  1. You can contact us at any time by using one of the following methods: 
    • ​​Email Dr. Mike by clicking this link
    • Request a call back by contacting 01295 222770
  2. After making contact with us, Dr. Mike will arrange a time with you to talk through the Go Plus process, your expectations and requirements.
  3. We will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
  4. Once agreed, we will agree the dates and Dr. Mike will begin the preparation for the Diagnostic Period.
Go Plus video
Watch our series of videos about Go Plus

Hear from Dr. Mike O'Neill on the main areas of focus of the Go Plus programme and how it can underpin high-quality learning in your centre.

Also watch a case study from Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form at Northampton School for Girls, Jane MacDonald on how the Go Plus process has helped shape learning in her school.
Go Plus Feedback
Mrs Julia Harley, Headteacher, Northampton Schools for Girls
"We wanted to re-energise and enthuse solidly ‘good’ teachers to support them to be consistently outstanding, but we also wanted to develop teachers who were sometimes ‘good’ but more often had significant weaknesses. The Go Plus programme was perfect because it is not an ‘off the shelf ’ approach, it is highly personalised to the individual teacher."
  • 100% would recommend Go Plus to other schools
  • 97% feel their quality of teaching and learning in the classrooms has significantly improved
  • 72% achieved highly significant progress, or better, in assessment results after Go Plus
Speaker interview
Read our one-to-one with Dr, Mike
Why do we need Go Plus?
Print off and complete this short questionnaire
Download our questionnaire, that you can complete with your colleagues, to find out what areas Go Plus can help with in your school. 
Frequently Asked Questions
If your question isn't here or you have further queries, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.
Who is Go Plus intended for?
The Go Plus programme focuses on developing teaching and learning within the school

What are the areas of focus of the Go Plus Programme?
The Go Plus programme focuses on the key areas that have been identified, nationally and internationally, as having most impact on teaching and learning.

How long does Go Plus take?
Typically, Go Plus is intended to take place over the course of between 2 to 3 school terms. In total, a typical programme will involve Dr. Mike working in your school with staff for a maximum of 25 days over the course of an academic year.

Can we be flexible with the number of Go Plus training days we have?
Yes. The Go Plus programme is tailored to meet the needs of your school. This is determined during the Diagnostic Period, Stage 1, when Dr. Mike visits your school.

How many teachers can take part in each Go Plus programme?
The Go Plus programme is designed to work with a minimum of 4 teachers and a maximum of 10 teachers per cohort