Getting EdTech right: Maximising the use of classroom technology in your school

Senior/Middle Leadership 11-18 Teacher Training

Matt Jarvis

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Why attend?

EdTech has transformed the way teachers deliver and students engage with lessons, however, due to the pandemic, some schools quickly adopted a wide range of systems and devices, varying in quality, to meet the home learning demand.  

This brand-new workshop, led by JISC-accredited Digital Leader Matt Jarvis, provides you with the opportunity to review what EdTech you have adopted, explore what free tools you can integrate to enhance classroom pedagogy and focus on how to ensure there is a consistency across your school or college. Perfect for staff in the Senior Leadership Team who want to review the pedagogical systems used in the classroom, this in-venue workshop will: 

  • Review the technology already integrated in your school/college to ensure it’s fit for purpose, right for your centre and enhances teaching and learning in all lessons 
  • Explore a range of strategies to support with effective planning for digital development 
  • Provide you the up-to-date trends, technologies and emerging issues in digital education to ensure you have the facts before adopting new EdTech 
  • Focus on providing you with planning tools and a future-proof action plan to implement a positive change   

To maximise your experience on this workshop, we ask that all attendees bring along their own personal laptop or tablet (not school restricted device). 

Booking reference: TECH161122
Hodder code: 1251161122


10.45am Registration and refreshments
10.50am The post-pandemic landscape 
  • The regulatory context, including changing requirements for security, accessibility, data protection and copyright 
  • The technological context, including the growth of AI, bots, VR & AR, API integration and HTML5 interactivity 
  • The e-pedagogical context, including the growth of micro-learning, reflective learning, flipped learning, blended learning, adaptive learning and load-optimised learning 
11.50am Morning break
12.00pm Understanding your organisational needs and capabilities 
  • Mapping your current tech use and plotting applications against different criteria 
  • Understanding the implications in terms of cognitive load, affordances and self-determination 
  • Understanding the differences between school leader, teacher and student perspectives and generic and subject-specific applications 
  • Gathering qualitative and quantitative data to answer the right questions 
1.00pm Lunch
1.45pm Digital development planning 
  • The SAMR model – Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition – supporting proposed change and change in progress 
  • Decision-making according to the process-impact of a proposed tech change 
  • Co-design: A wrap-around model to support planning and implementing change 
  • A plan for decommissioning old technology 
  • A (relatively) future-proof template for your digital plan
2.45pm Afternoon break
2.55pm Taking learning forward 
  • Identifying one or more areas of technology/digital pedagogy to investigate further 
  • Identifying next steps for your centre and the planning tools you will take forward and use 
  • Sources of further digital learning expertise for your organisation 
  • Summary exercise – a demonstration of reflective and load-optimised learning
3.55pm Review and reflect
4.00pm Workshop ends


Matt Jarvis - Presenter
Matt Jarvis - Presenter
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London - Venue TBC
Within Zone 1
Venue will be confirmed at least 2 weeks before the event takes place.

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