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Hodder Functional Skills Solution

Hodder Functional Skills Solution

Lead your learners – whether apprentices, work-based learners or independent learners in college - from initial assessment to exam success with this comprehensive online service.

Developed with support from Functional Skills expert Maureen Emmett
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Full Hodder Functional Skills Solution Suite now available!
Maths, English and ICT are available now - book a consultation today

The Hodder Functional Skills Solution is competitively priced and offers great value for money. Our consultant will assess your needs and tailor-make a pricing plan for your institution. Contact Barry on 01942 245845 or at barry.seddon@hodder.co.uk.
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Each of the 340 maths and English tutorials consists of a short introduction, an explanatory presentation, worked examples and opportunities for the learners to check their knowledge.
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