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About Exploring Geography in a Changing World

Exploring Geography:
  • Stretches your pupils and provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for progression to GCSE.
  • Gives you the confidence that you are covering the key content and skills of the revised National Curriculum because it follows the structure at the core of the new Geography Programme of Study.
  • Freshens up the subject with issue-based case studies, opportunities for fieldwork and decision-making tasks that are related to real-world situations.
  • Enriches lessons with interactive activities, develops ICT skills, and helps to personalise learning for all pupils because it includes Dynamic Learning technology.
  • Offers reliable, appropriate and contemporary material because it is written by an award-winning author and practicing Head of Geography.
For each year of Key Stage 3, the course comprises:
  • A Pupil's Book which ensures material is appropriate for age and attainment levels
  • A Dynamic Learning resource that supports the Pupil's Books with GIS web-based activities, unique video clips, animations and quizzes, useful web links and teacher guidance (including worksheets and advice).
  • A Teacher's Resource Book that provides full, but flexible, support for teachers (N.B. for Year 9, the Teacher's Resource Book is included digitally on the Dynamic Learning resource)

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