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What is a webinar and why should I register?
These practical and interactive 90-minute sessions provide you and your students with an easy solution to fitting CPD and revision into your busy schedule.
With no special tech requirements or travel and cover expenses, this cost-effective way of training will supply you with sample material, give access to experts and enable you to join lively online discussions all from the comfort of your classroom.

Sit back and take it all in, or better yet get involved…with active discussions, live polls and the ability to directly ask presenters questions, how much you interact is up to you!

Digital Resources
Download resources during or prior to the live webinars; you can even edit them to suit you and your learners’ needs.

All webinars are recorded and emailed you the next day! Plus… 6-month access means you can refresh your memory, check the facts and even share it with other members of your department.
How do I access a webinar?
3 simple steps...
  1. Book onto your chosen webinar. You’ll receive an email with your username, password and a link to enter the webinar – keep these details safe!
  2. 3 days prior to the webinar you will receive an email containing any materials that you/ your students will need during the webinar. Keep an eye for it as it’s always handy to print out any materials so you can follow them during the webinar.
  3. 15 minutes before the webinar is due to start, simply click on the link to the webinar and enter with your username and password. It’s best to arrive early so you can check your sound and ensure a prompt start.
Webinar fees
Teacher webinar fees 
  • £85 + VAT per log-in
  • 50% off a second log-in to the same webinar, enter code WF0003616 online 
Student revision webinar fees 
  • Individual webinar fee: £110 + VAT
  • Book 2 - 3 webinars and save 10% - use code WC0000269
  • Book 4 – 6 webinars and save 20% - use code WV0002105
  • Book 7 – 8 webinars and save 30% - use code WE0002669
You can even take advantage of the student revision discounts over multiple subjects so check with colleagues before you book.
How do Student Revision webinars work?

You only need to purchase 1 log-in for your centre; you can then project the webinar in the classroom. Speakers will ask students’ questions and polls, you will then have time to collate answers from students and enter the answer on screen.
Click here for a clip below for a taste of what our webinars have to offer.
What’s on offer?
Discover more about webinars in your subject area
Want to learn more?
Visit our FAQs page to discover more about webinars or give us a call on 01295 222777.