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Flipped Learning at A-level: Online Workshop

Flipped Learning 16-18 Teacher Training Webinar

Lesley Clark

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This is an online webinar, no need to go anywhere, simply sign up, log on and take part

Why attend?

Delve into the world of Flipped Learning and discover techniques to radically improve your teaching life and ensure your students continue to stay on track. Register for this online course to explore the opportunities that this cutting-edge pedagogy offers all teachers of A-level and join in using the methodology during the online workshop itself.

  • Learn how to develop higher level learning opportunities for your classroom and how Flipped Learning can be used during a period of remote learning
  • Discuss practical strategies to improve your students’ independence and study skills
  • Explore ideas to make assessment a more effective learning tool and focus on why a flipped classroom can support distance learning

Booking references: FL091120 / FLP301120


Please note: To protect the safety and well-being of all teachers, speakers and event staff, we have taken the decision to convert this in-venue workshop into online workshop, hosted on Zoom. The date of the online workshop is now 30th November 2020.

1.00pm Introductions and sound checks
  Introduction to the principles of Flipped Learning
  • Explore the principles of ‘flipping’ – how can we flip what is traditionally seen as ‘classwork’ with ‘homework’?
  • Deal with potential barriers to successful flipping
  Strategies for the flipped classroom
  • Build a portfolio of ideas for the classroom – how best to use this time
  • Discuss increasing the exploratory nature of learning and raising your 1:1 interactions with students
  Strategies to deal with independent learning / homework / assessment
  • Learn how to use homework to cover basic knowledge and understanding
  • Explore Schemes of Assessment and discuss where best to assess students
  Creating a Flipped Scheme of Work
  • Homework tasks and ideas
5.00pm Webinar ends



Lesley Clark - Presenter
Lesley Clark - Presenter
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Hosted on Zoom
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