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How to motivate, inspire and capture students’ interest: An interactive CPD workshop

Scottish Curriculum For all Teacher Training

Phil Wootton

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Why attend?

Receive expert advice on the most essential skills required by any teacher – the ability to motivate and inspire students.
This unique course will cover aspects and topics that are rarely taught to NQTs or developed with experienced teachers – including body language skills, management skills and positive thinking techniques.
  • Find out how you can improve your confidence levels and refine your body language skills
  • Discover the best ways to motivate, inspire and capture students’ interest
  • Focus on how to make lessons fun and the content memorable for all students
  • Consider the importance of being yourself in the classroom and enjoying the role
  • Identify techniques for managing and relieving stress
  • Be part of open discussions amongst other teachers throughout this interactive one-day workshop

Booking reference: SML201119


10.00am Registration and coffee
Introduction: Why are you here? Question and answer session
  • What are your hopes and aims for this course?
  • Comparing the hopes and aims against the learning outcomes
10.45am The first lesson
  • The importance of the first lesson
  • Open discussion on the presentation
11.15am Morning coffee
The confidence battery
  • What level is your confidence battery? – Self-reflection workshop
  • How do I raise my level? – Self-praise workshop
  • Final group reflection – Thoughts and comments
12.00pm Body language: What are you saying?
  • How well do you read body language? – Kahoot quiz
  • What should your body language look like in the classroom?
12.30pm Lunch
Motivation and inspiration in the classroom
  • Why do people work hard? – ’Find a reason’
  • Motivation – Moving outside the comfort zone
Open discussion – How motivated are you? 
  • What are your motivation barriers? 
  • The importance of fun 
  • Fun and practical activities to conduct in a lesson
  • Brainstorm session in groups – Possible fun ideas
  • Review the ideas
2.30pm Afternoon tea
2.45pm The small things are important – Be yourself
  • Taking care of the small things
  • Realising the importance of being yourself and what type of teacher that will make you
3.15pm It’s a great job – Enjoy it!
  • The importance of enjoying the job if you want to do it well
  • The need to take a break and not stress about the job
  • Stress relief techniques
  • A final story – my learning experience as a child
3.45pm Review and reflect
4.00pm Course ends


Phil Wootton - Presenter
Phil Wootton - Presenter
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Glasgow - Venue TBC
The venue will be confirmed at least
two weeks before the event.