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Getting to grips with programming at AQA A-level Computer Science

ICT 16-18 Teacher Training

Matthew Walker

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Attend this course and receive a free copy of AQA A-level Computer Science Student Book – worth £32.99

Why attend?

Exercise your digital logic by building your own understanding of the skillset your students need to demonstrate in order to achieve the highest grades and take part in activity sessions that will build your own knowledge of Python and, where relevant, Haskell.
  • Gain a clearer understanding the skills and techniques needed to teach programming to AQA A-level standard
  • Be able to implement core specification areas in Python and, where relevant, Haskell
Course code: COM180618

Please note: this event is not an official AQA event and therefore the views and messages shared are not representative of AQA. For more information about the specification and official AQA events, please visit www.aqa.org.uk.

All delegates must bring along their own printed or digital copies of AQA material in order to take part in all activities. You will receive confirmation of what you need to bring prior to the event.


10.00am Registration and coffee
10.15am Object orientation programming (OOP)
  • Understand how classes help problem solving
  • Implementing classes in Python from class diagrams
  • Using objects to solve problems
11.15am Morning coffee
11.30am Data structures in OOP
  • Create abstract data types for the key data structures
  • Understand how graphs, trees, stacks and queues are implemented as classes
  • Use the class representation of these structures in key algorithms: graph traversal, Djikstra’s algorithm and binary tree search
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Functional programming
  • What is functional programming?
  • Understanding the role of lists
  • Implementing and understanding map, filter and fold
2.30pm Afternoon tea
2.45pm Activity: Design and implement an A-level standard project in Python
3.45pm Review and reflect
4.00pm Course ends

Course code: COM180618


Matthew Walker - Presenter
Matthew Walker - Presenter
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The Cumberland Hotel, London
Great Cumberland Place
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