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Dive into ready-made lessons covering a range of subjects including English, Science, Geography and History. Designed to make the classroom more flexible and accessible for every student. provides a fully scoped and sequenced thematic curriculum for Key Stage 3, thematic learning linked to GCSE subjects for Key Stage 4, and curated content to support the wider curriculum, including a focus on wellbeing and pastoral support. It is available to both teacher and students, providing different lenses on and access to the content and will include, starting from launch in Spring 2021: 

Key Stage 3:

  • A complete curriculum programme for English and the Foundation Subjects
  • Lessons and support for wellbeing, character education and the wider curriculum
  • CPD videos and webinars to support delivery of the curriculum and hybrid learning.

Key Stage 4:

  • Subject success: Thematic units with independent, guided activities to engage young people in issues around aspects of each theme, that link to different GCSE subjects.
  • Our wider world: Links and information on related careers, virtual tours, videos, podcasts, suggested fiction and competitions.
  • Looking after yourself: Support with wellbeing, such as links and materials from the Trauma Response Network (TRN)

Coming soon:

Resource Guide

Resources available for free now:

As part of the launch we are making freely available for use in secondary schools:

  • One complete thematic unit per key stage
  • Overview and plan of the thematic curriculum

Download this handy sample overview table:

Sample overviewThemes and topics table

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