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eduu.school for Primary

Deliver a rigorous, exciting and purposeful curriculum in the classroom and at home with access to six themes per year group, setting you up for a full years’ worth of teaching for years 1 to 6. 

eduu.school is an online platform which provides a fully scoped and sequenced thematic primary curriculum for KS1–2, and curated content to support the wider curriculum including a focus on wellbeing and pastoral support. It is available to both teacher and pupils, providing different lenses on and access to the content and will include:

  • A complete curriculum programme for English and the Foundation Subjects, with:
    • half termly thematic units covering the creative and humanities subjects
    • half termly English, computing and science units, complementing and linked to the thematic units
  • Lessons and support for wellbeing, character education and the wider curriculum
  • Support for transition from Year 6 to 7
  • CPD videos and webinars to support delivery of the curriculum and hybrid learning

Each primary theme includes a driving question to frame learning and to provide a bigger picture view, an overview with curriculum coverage, learning outcomes, essential knowledge and vocabulary, suggested excite activities and so much more!

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*The release schedule has been structured so that all the content you need to deliver the curriculum is available when you subscribe, with future releases landing at timely intervals to ensure a continuous flow of lesson delivery. 

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