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What is Dynamic Learning

What is Dynamic Learning

What is Dynamic Learning? All your questions answered

Dynamic Learning from Hodder Education is an innovative online subscription service with interactive resources, lesson planning tools, self-marking tests, a variety of assessment options and eTextbook elements that all work together to create the ultimate classroom and homework resource.
Our wide range of resources include...
Interactive activities to animations and videos, audio files to diagrams, worksheets to tutorials, practical advice to assessment guidance and transcripts to quizzes are great for introducing new topics and concepts and supports you in finding new ways to engage your students.
Searching for resources
Specification match
Promoting learning across the curriculum
Dynamic Learning resources are written by respected authors and experienced teachers. Over 600 titles provide full coverage across 28 subjects through Key Stages 3 to 5 for UK, international and vocational qualifications. 

Comprehensive teaching notes also help to put all activities into the context of the curriculum.
Easy to use
Dynamic Learning is intuitive and easy to navigate

When you log into Dynamic Learning, you will see a grid layout with each course your establishment has subscribed to (or are trialling) in content packages with course-related components.

Within each package, there is a further dashboard showing you, at a glance, your most recent lessons, assignments and test information, ensuring everything you need is at your fingertips, exactly when and where you need it.

What others say
Don't take our word for it...find out why other teachers love Dynamic Learning
“Love the functionality of the Lesson Builder, especially since I started teaching Computing in school last year, and created my own resources which I didn’t want to throw out but happy that I can mix.
Vicky Bradford, ICT, King Henry VIII School 

“Great, very slick and easy to navigate”
Irfam Umarji, ICT, Tauheedul Islam Boys school

“I’d have no time left to teach if I collected all these resources. It’s a great time saver”
Caroline Ellis, Newquay Tretherras

“Really like the activities, especially with the very targeted focus on the grades and also the fact that it deals with the functional skills aspect of delivering GCSE Maths”
Mrs Garlant, Maths, Whitchurch High School
Subscription Options
There are a wide range of budget-friendly subscription options, from different prices for small and large institution to discounts for purchases of multiple titles.

Titles can be purchased as packages or in component parts, depending on the needs of each department, school, college and learner.

Find out how our Dynamic Learning subscriptions work >

Flexible Teaching
Dynamic Learning has been designed to be used at the front of the class and is appropriate for teachers with varying levels of IT skills and experience

Teaching and Learning resources are fully integrated with Whiteboard eTextbooks so that all the relevant resources are readily accessible when you need them.  Whether you are presenting at the front of the class, or at home planning, you can access Teaching and Learning resources from Whiteboard eTextbook pages or pages of the Whiteboard eTextbook from the Teaching and Learning library of resources.

Flexible Learning
Dynamic Learning is not just for teaching, it’s also for learning.

You can assign resources, lessons and tests to individual students, or to a whole class; a great way of reinforcing classroom learning.   

It’s not always possible to get online to study, so students are able to download Student eTextbooks and view their books offline.  Each student can download a teacher-assigned copy onto two devices and - when they are online - synchronise their study notes.

Planning Lessons
The Lesson Builder
The Lesson Builder is a great way to group together a number of resources that can be accessed from a single browser window. Not only can you upload your own resources to use alongside ours, but you can also add weblinks to other online resources or online articles.
Exam Practice
Helping schools with pupil assessment

Alongside our self-marking tests and interactive exercises with diagnostic feedback, there are also many exam practice activities. Exam-style questions are accompanied by mark schemes, exemplar student responses and examiner commentary, enabling students to focus their assessment preparation and improve their technique.

Pre-prepared lessons
You don't need to be a computer scientist to get started with Dynamic Learning
Many of our Teaching and Learning titles come with pre-prepared lessons that are editable, enabling you to tailor to your own requirements.

Free subscription support
There are a whole host of free support services for subscribers, including free one-to-one and department training, FAQs, video tutorials and live step by step tutorials.

There is also a dedicated technical support team who are a phone call away and also available on email and twitter.