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What are my subscription options?

Dynamic Learning is currently an institution only purchase, offering a wide range of budget-friendly subscription options, from different prices for small and large institutions to discounts for purchases of multiple titles. Titles can be purchased individually or as part of ‘Packages’ which are groups of related titles packaged together to save you money.

Dynamic Learning subscriptions* have a fixed expiry date, based on the average length it takes to teach the course. Please see product pages for more information.
Teaching and Learning Resources**, Question Practice, Whiteboard eTextbooks and the Magazine Archive are purchased as a whole school resource, giving schools, colleges and private training providers’ licences for use at work premises, at home or on the go for every user at the institution.
Student eTextbooks and eMagazines are purchased on a copy by copy basis, just as you would buy print copies. Student eTextbooks and eMagzines are a lower cost than the print versions and copies are allocated to students through the Dynamic Learning platform. Once you've allocated a Student eTextbook to a student they can either view and use the eTextbook on the Dynamic Learning website using their computer or download the Dynamic Reader app* onto their mobile device and use the same eTextbook even when they're offline.
There are no on-going subscription costs and we provide a whole host of free training and support services, including a dedicated support team.
*Does not include Student eTextbooks, Functional Skills or eMagazines. Access is determined from the point of allocation in Dynamic Learning. 
**Does not include Functional Skills