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IB Review

IB Review

Encourage the independent study and critical thinking skills at the heart of IB philosophy.

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Enjoy the best of our IB Review articles so far, containing ideas and tips to help support your IB learners, with topics including reflection and critical thinking skills. 

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Receive a free eMagazine subscription with every purchase of the IB Review Print Subscription. 

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'A Better World Through Education'
A film by the IB featuring IB Review magazine
Watch below to find out how IB Review is an essential resource for the IB Diploma Programme, and place your order now

Free Resources
Explore the free extras resources and between-issue updates for the magazine.
Free additional resources extend learning and support revision. They include revision PowerPoints, activities and as worksheets and quizzes, and posters to print for your walls.

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Your solution for the whole IB continuum
Whether you teach PYP, MYP or IB Diploma, we've got it covered.
Inquiry-based publishing for PYP, unique concept-driven narratives with MYP by Concept, and a range of resources for many IB Diploma subjects written by top international educators.

Did you know...
...that we publish Review magazines for 16 other subjects?
To expand student knowledge and help develop skills for independent learning as well as providing stimulus material for classroom discussion.

Find out more about these and their associated Magazine Archives.

Motivate students with free IB posters
Motivate students with these free posters for your classroom walls
Try some free sample lessons with your class
We've created some free sample lessons using a selection of the articles from the IB Review Digital Package for you to try with your class