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Economics for the IB Diploma

Economics for the IB Diploma

Ensure full coverage of the new syllabus with this comprehensive guide written by highly experienced authors, that explores all topics through inquiry, concepts, content and contexts and their interrelationships with each other.

Developed in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate®

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Economics for the IB Diploma
Developed in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

We have been publishing in cooperation with the IB since 2014 with our MYP by Concept 4-5 series. We are pleased to now be able to extend our range of resources to cover all the programmes across the continuum, starting with our co-published Diploma coursebooks.

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Ensure full coverage of the new syllabus

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IB Educator and Teacher Review
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"A top text that fully supports all students, is engaging and supports the delivery of the course, and its philosophy, completely."

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Pamoja’s new online IB DP Economics courses will include free access to our Student eTextbooks.

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The Student Book is also available in two digital formats:
The Student eTextbook is a downloadable version of the printed textbook that enables students to study on the move and provides a cost-effective way to resource your classroom.
The Whiteboard eTextbook is an online, interactive version of the printed textbook that is ideal for front-of-class teaching and lesson planning.

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Reinforce and improve your student's mathematical skills for the Paper 3 exam with this write-in workbook, including actual questions from past papers.
Samira Amin, KIS International School, Bangkok, Thailand

“The Hodder textbook by Paul, Tanu and Sean is growing on my students. We like the no-nonsense approach, examples, diagrams and tips of things that are often confused (e.g: public goods and public sector). Highly recommend it!”