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Cambridge Primary Maths Foundation Stage

Hodder Cambridge Primary Maths Foundation Stage

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Explore & support Early Years Mathematics with fun, colourful resources that help prepare learners to start the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework.

Introduce and consolidate Early Years Mathematics with Activity and colourful Story books, supported by concise teaching notes and practical activity suggestions in the Teacher's Pack. This series has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.

Activity Books

Consolidate learning & provide practice of key concepts with a fun write-in Activity Book.

Story Books

Explore & support Early Years Maths with a colourful simple story for ages 4-5. The Stripy Sock, A Day at the Beach and The Surprise Party.

Teacher's Pack

Introduce & consolidate Early Learning Goals with teaching notes and activity suggestions based on the mastery approach.

Mathematics Foundation Stage Leaflet

Mathematics Foundation Stage Leaflet

View the Foundation Stage leaflet to find out more about the series and look at sample page spreads from the books.

Sample Pages

See for yourself how you can engage young learners in mathematics at the foundation stage with sample pages.

Story Book A
Story Book B
Activity Book A