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Code-IT in Python

Code-IT in Python

Code-IT in Python is our complete package for the key practical programming skills

Code-IT in Python consists of 12 modules, each focused on a different set of practical programming skills required at GCSE and provides a responsive, online environment to encourage and support students to write and test their own code in order to solve coding challenges.

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In a nutshell
What is Code-IT in Python?
Code-IT in Python is an interactive digital resource that provides your students with a complete learning journey through all the essential programming skills required at GCSE. 

Code-IT in Python consists of 12 modules, each focused on a different set of practical programming skills required at GCSE. The responsive, online environment encourages and supports students to write and test their own code to solve coding challenges.

Code-IT in Python is GCSE-focused, easy-to-use, time-saving, affordable, targeted and flexible.

The complete 12-module package is only £150 for a one-year subscription, whilst you can pick and choose individual modules for just £30.

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It's not your average 'how-to code' product
How can it help?

Code-IT in Python is:

  • GCSE-focused. Modules cover all the key programming skills needed for AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel GCSE specifications.
  • Easy-to-use. Every module includes a full set of teaching resources, with headlines for specialists and additional guidance for non-specialists.
  • Time-saving. Auto-marked coding challenges give students automatic feedback and help them to debug errors. You can also track and report on students’ progress, to ensure that you are ready to submit their Practical Programming Statement.
  • Targeted. The design of the environment focuses on the troublesome transition from block-based to text-based language.
  • Flexible. In addition to our suggested SoWs, each module stands alone and can be integrated into your own existing SoWs.

Below, you can watch a teacher walk-through video to explore the resource in more detail. 

What's available?
Full list of Code-IT in Python modules
Subscribe to all modules:
£150 for all 12 modules - 1-year subscription

Code-IT in Python package

Individual modules
£30 for 1 module - 1-year subscription

Core modules provide the foundations that students need to know before progressing to the other modules.

How can it help?
Additional resources
Take a look at our extra resources, provided below, that highlight why Code-IT in Python is the only resources you'll need to teach the key GCSE practical programming skills:
A quick tour as a student
Code-IT in Python student-view
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Once you have registered for a free trial, click on the link below to join our community. Submit feedback, ask questions and provideus with your opinions so that we can develop the platform to be even better.
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Code-IT in Python is the only platform that combines an online coding environment with sound learning material focused on GCSE content.