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Introducing Code-IT in Python

Introducing Code-IT in Python

Discover a new way to help students learn how to code with Code-IT in Python.

On this page, you can discover the ins and outs of Code-IT in Python, explore what modules are available and watch detailed walkthrough videos of both the student-view and teacher-view, plus register for free trials.

Code-IT in Python is packed full of structured learning content and auto-marked challenges so students can learn how to code at their own pace. 

Explore Code-IT in Python modules:
In a nutshell
What is Code-IT in Python?
Code-IT in Python is a brand-new interactive resource which provides students with a structured learning journey through programming concepts required at GCSE.

Using our responsive, online environment, students input their own code to solve coding challenges - all of which are auto-marked, checked for plagiarism and provide teachers with progress reports.

There are 17 standalone modules within Code-IT in Python, each focused on a different programming concept, allowing you to pick and choose which ones your students need. 
Develop coding skills
How can Code-IT in Python help?
Each of the modules will help fill the spaces between students' coding skills gap and the Key Stage 4 requirements by providing:

Structured learning content focused on what students need to know at GCSE
  • Provides programming concepts, exemplar lines of code and allows students to test their understanding via quick quizzes
  • Simple-to-use online environment that encourages students transition from block-based language (Scratch) to a text-based language (Python)
Auto-marked coding challenges 
  • Embedded at certain points within the learning journey and require students to write code to perform a particular task
  • Each challenge is auto-marked and checked for plagiarism, plus feedback will be given immediately, so students can understand the areas they need to improve on and learn how-to de-bug code
A full set of teacher resources
  • Cheat sheets, lesson delivery ideas and PowerPoint presentations, plus access to detailed progress reports on student activity
What's available?
Full list of Code-IT in Python modules
Available from 30th August 2019: Available from 29th September 2019 Avaiable from September 2020: Subscribe to all modules: Core modules provide the foundations that students need to know before progressing to the other modules.
Bundle up
Save up to 20%
Each module costs £30 + VAT. Bundle up the modules and save up to 20%! To save, add your chosen modules to your basket and use the relevant discount code:

2 - 4 modules / save 10%
  • Use discount code WU0002586
5 - 7 modules / save 15% 
  • Use discount code WP0003010
8+ modules / save 20%
  • Use discount code WT0000676
A quick tour
Code-IT in Python student-view
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Help us help you
Submit your feedback
We believe Code-IT for Python is a great tool for teachers, especially non-specialists but we want to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Once you have registered for a free trial, click on the link below to join our community. Submit feedback, ask questions and provideus with your opinions so that we can develop the platform to be even better.
Drop into your Scheme of Work
How does it link to your specification? 
Code-IT in Python is the only platform that combines an online coding environment with sound learning material focused on GCSE content. 

By clicking on the relevant link below, you can see how each module links to the specification you deliver, so you can see how Code-IT in Python can fit within your own SoW. 
  • AQA GCSE (9-1) Computer Science
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science
  • OCR GCSE (9-1) Computer Science
  • WJEC Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Computer Science
  • WJEC GCSE Computer Science
  • SQA National 5 Computing Science
  • CCEA GCSE Digital Technology
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Teacher walkthrough
Using Code-IT in Python as a teacher
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