Cambridge Primary English

Cambridge Primary English

Cambridge Primary English

Inspire learners to build, strengthen and extend their skills. Written by experienced authors and primary practitioners, Cambridge Primary English offers full coverage of the new Cambridge Primary English curriculum frameworks (0058) from 2020 for Stages 1–6.

We are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education to gain endorsement for this forthcoming series.

Learner's Books
Inspire learners to build, strengthen and extend their skills.

Boost confidence and extend understanding: Tasks built in a three-step approach with 'Learn', 'Get started!' and 'Go further' plus 'Challenge yourself' activities to support differentiation and higher order thinking skills. 

Learner's Book 1

Learner's Book 2 

Learner's Book 3 

Learner's Book 4 

Learner's Book 5 

Learner's Book 6

Reinforce learning and deepen understanding of the key concepts.

Provide extra practice and self-assessment: Each Workbook is intended to be used by the learner for practice and homework, plus the completed workbooks can be used to help aid revision.

Workbook 1 

Workbook 2 

Workbook 3

Workbook 4

Workbook 5

Workbook 6

Boost eBooks
Interactive, engaging and completely flexible 

Boost eBooks use the latest research and technologies to provide the very best learning experience for students. They can be downloaded onto any device and used in the classroom, at home or on the move.

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Boost eBook 1 - coming soon

Boost eBook 2 - coming soon

Boost eBook 3 - coming soon

Boost eBook 4 - coming soon

Boost eBook 5 - coming soon

Boost eBook 6 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guides with Boost Subscription
The Cambridge Primary English Teacher’s Guides include a print handbook and a subscription to Boost. The Guides include range of resources such as activities, assessment ideas, quizzes & ESL support

Download our infographic to see what's included in the Teacher's Guide

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Teacher’s Guide 1 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guide 2 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guide 3 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guide 4 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guide 5 - coming soon

Teacher’s Guide 6 - coming soon

Starter Pack
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Get to grips with the new Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework with guidance from our authors and free sample chapters.

Learner's Book 1

Learner's Book 4

Learner's Book 6

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