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AQA A-level Science

AQA A-level Science

AQA Approved Student Books and Student eTextbooks

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Titles in this series
Improve confidence with a step-by-step approach to the essentials maths skills for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Student Guides
Reinforce students' understanding throughout their course; clear topic summaries with sample questions and answers to improve exam technique.
What? When? How?
We've put together a useful summary of the key changes and what you need to know.

Curriculum changes
Find out more about how the A-level Science curriculum is changing.
Enhance your lessons with a bank of ready-made resources, interactive tests and activities.
Download our info graphics to see a full list of what’s included and how it can help you

• Digital resources for Biology

• Digital resources for Chemistry

• Digitla resources for Physics
My Revision Notes
Unlock your students’ full potential with these revision guides that provide both the key content they need to know and guidance on how to apply it.
Biological Sciences Review, Chemistry Review and Physics Review all help students learn more, gain deeper subject knowledge and the skills to study independently.
A guide to the new A Level Physics specifications
This briefing note from Physics Review magazine will guide you through the curriculum changes.
Sample Chapters
Download sample chapters from our Year 1 Student Books:
Student Workbooks
Create confident, literate and well-prepared students with skills-focused, topic specific workbooks.
Dynamic Learning
The online subscription solution which makes teaching and learning easier.
Expert-led CPD
From CPD Workshops to Student Conferences our events are designed to inspire and create confidence in the classroom.
Not teaching AQA?
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Aiming for an A in A-level Science
What makes you an A grade student?
Watch this short video to find out what worked for successful A-level students

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