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AQA AS/A-level Design & Technology

AQA AS/A-level Design & Technology

We are delighted to confirm our Student Books and Student eTextbooks have been approved by AQA for their AS/A-level Design & Technology specs.

Encourage your students to become creative and critical designers with our approved textbooks, digital resources and events that build in-depth knowledge of the materials, components and processes.
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Visit AQA's website to find out more about their AS and A-level Design & Technology specification.
Student Books
Both approved by AQA
Encourage your students to become creative, innovative and critical designers with our textbooks that build in-depth knowledge and understanding of the materials, components and processes – available for Fashion & Textiles and Product Design.
Our Student Books are also available in two digital formats:
The Student eTextbooks are downloadable version of the printed textbooks. Allocate them to your students so they can access them on the move via their phones or tablets. These pocket-friendly resources will guide students through the requirements of the Non-Exam Assessments and the written exams at both AS and A-level. 
Both Student Books are available also as Whiteboard eTextbooks – which are online, interactive versions of the printed textbooks that are ideal for front-of-class teaching and lesson planning. 

Fashion and Textiles Product Design
Target success in AQA A-level Design and Technology with our proven formula for effective, structured revision
Key content coverage is combined with exam-style tasks and practical tips to create a revision guide that students can rely on to review, strengthen and test their knowledge.
Don’t let your students miss out on easy marks
Essential Maths Skills for AS/A Level Design and Technology
Written specifically to build students’ confidence with maths and to prepare them for the more challenging mathematical requirements which make up 15% of the new Design & Technology specifications.

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