Access Mathematics Tests

Access Mathematics Tests

AMT (Access Mathematics Tests) 2nd Edition

*2018 Edition* - updated test papers and manual PLUS interactive tests

A quick standardised maths assessment suitable for a wide age and ability range. 


  • Two sets of parallel forms (Test 1, Forms A & B, and Test 2, Forms A & B) allow quick and reliable repeat testing to measure the impact of interventions. 
  • Ideal for screening and using as a baseline test and for subsequent progress monitoring using the parallel forms. 
  • Suitable for individual and group testing to diagnose strengths and weaknesses.
  • Appropriate for use with pupils aged 7 to 16+.

Blog article: Baselining and screening a new Year 7 cohort: how AMT can help

What's new in the 2018 edition?

  • Tests sample strands of the 2014 curriculum
  • Manual now includes up-to-date language, with references to "levels" removed 
  • Case studies include information on how to analyse the data effectively
  • Guidance covers how to get the best out of parallel forms
  • FREE online reporting enables you to easily identify areas for improvement

Set up your school on MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) in order to access your free gap analysis and reports. 

  • Save time with auto-marking and instant reports
  • Auto-saving means no data is lost
  • Suitable for ipad, laptop or desktop

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