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Reading Progress Tests

Reading Progress Tests

Authors: Denis Vincent, Mary Crumpler and Mike de la Mare

Measure progress in reading year-on-year throughout primary school with these standardised Literacy Baseline and six reading comprehension tests.


  • Particularly useful for identifying groups or individual pupils making slower – or better – progress than average
  • Motivating content and accessible presentation
  • Tests provide a standardised score, a National Curriculum level, reading ages from 4:0 to 16+ and a progress score to highlight ‘coasting’ and ‘value-added’ 
Stage One
  • Literacy Baseline test – use for conventional screening at the beginning of Year 1
  • Two comprehension tests for use towards the end of Year 1 and Year 2
Stage Two
  • Assesses literal and inferential comprehension and reading vocabulary
  • Reading passages are presented via reusable full-colour broadsheets
Scorer/profiler CD-ROM

The scorer/profiler CD-ROM facilitates scoring and data analysis for all seven tests, enabling year-on-year monitoring from Year 1 to 6. 

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