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AQA AS Philosophy: Moral Philosophy and Epistemology

RE and Philosophy 16-18 Student Revision Webinar

Jeremy Hayward, Gerald Jones, Dan Cardinal

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Why attend?

Reinforce classroom learning with strategies to strengthen your students’ knowledge and understanding, ensuring they are best-prepared for their exams.
  • Explore how to engage your students and make the key points stick
  • Reinforce understanding and topic knowledge relevant to the exam
  • Understand how to embed the skills needed to achieve the highest grades
Webinar code: PHIA150318

Please note: This event is not an official AQA event and therefore the views and messages shared are not representative of AQA. For more information about the specification and official events, please visit www.aqa.org.uk


3.30pm Welcome and introduction
3.35pm Moral Philosophy
  • Aristotle
  • Kant, Mill and applied moral philosophy
4.15pm Epistemology
  • True, Justified belief – key points
  • Empiricism & Rationalism – key criticisms
5.00pm Course ends


Dan Cardinal - Presenter
Dan Cardinal - Presenter
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Jeremy Hayward - Presenter
Jeremy Hayward - Presenter
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Gerald Jones - Presenter
Gerald Jones - Presenter
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