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OCR A-level Chemistry: Preparing students for success in the exams

Science 16-18 Teacher Training

Conor Stone

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All attendees will receive a FREE copy of OCR A-level Chemistry Student Guide: Practical Chemistry, worth £9.99.

Why attend?

Discover strategies that will embed good assessment practice, ensuring a creative approach to revision with engaged, confident students.
  • Look at specific areas within modules 2 – 6 and identify increased areas of challenge from the old specification to the new
  • Focus on the different types of questions, how students can revise them effectively and tackle them competently
  • Learn how to plan SoW and use feedback to drive improvement
Course code: CHO230318


9.45am Registration and coffee
10.05am Planning SOW’s for future success
10.20am Focused approach to modules 2 – 4
  • Titrations and unstructured mole calculations
  • Redox and Group 17
  • E/Z stereoisomerism and Markownikoff’s rule
11.30am Morning coffee
11.45am Approaches to module 5
  • Rates and Arrhenius equation
  • Equilibria
  • Acids, Bases and Buffers
  • Electrode Potentials
1.00pm Lunch
1.45pm Focused approach to module 6
  • Organic Mechanisms
  • Synthesis
  • Methods of analysis and unstructured questions
3.00pm Afternoon tea
3.15pm Strategies for success
  • Synoptic assessments and getting the standard right
  • Feedback to drive improvement
  • Ofsted and assessment
3.45pm Review and reflect
4.00pm Course ends


Conor Stone - Presenter
Conor Stone - Presenter
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The Cumberland Hotel, London
Great Cumberland Place
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